Norikazu Omokawa

Started to study music at The Music School for Children, Toho Gakuen Graduate School of Music. Then he studed at Toho Gakuen Graduate School of Music. He studied composision under Teruaki Suzuki, conducting under late Kotaro Sato, piano performance under late Kishiko Wakamatsu, Azusa Suzuki, Maho Yoshida, Masaki Norikura.

His composition varies from orchestra to brass music, chamber music, chorus. In addition to composition, music engraving, teaching aat music school with music theory and solfeggio, as well as arrangement for peromance at TV, CD and concerts.

He has been related to choral activities for a long time since high school. When he was a student at Iwaki High School, he was a tenor and a pianist. Recently, as a member of “THEATRE EN VOIX” by the students and graduate students of Toho Gakuen Graduate School of Music, he introduces new works every year at its annual concert.

He was awarded with 2nd prize for Asahi composition competition for 2013.