Teruaki Suzuki

Born in Sendai (Japan), 1958. Graduated the music composition course of TŌHŌ GAKUEN School of Music and Graduate School. Studied under Akira MIYOSHI. Won 1st prize in the 46th The Music Competition of Japan (Chamber Music section) and 2nd prize in the 51st The Music Competition of Japan (Orchestral work section). Won first prize in the 7th Japan Symphony Foundation Award (1984). Won 1st prize in “Humbacher Preis” International Composition Competition (West Germany) in 1985 (Orchestral work department), and in 1987 (String trio department). They were performed and broadcasted in Europe. Opera “The Twin Stars (Futago no Hoshi)”, whose original text was written by Kenji MIYAZAWA, was premiered in Sendai, 1988. “Hymnos” pour Double Chœur et Orchestre, commissioned by the 16th Min-On Contemporary Music Festival, was premiered in 1990.
Won “Muramatsu Preis” in 1991, the 12th Kenzō Nakajima Award in 1994, as a member of “Art Respirant” a group of players and composers, and The Miyagi Prefecture Arts Award 2001. A member of The Federation of Composers and Group “Art Respirant”. He has provided performances of Japanese chamber music, since 2007. A teacher of TŌHŌ GAKUEN School of Music and Tokyo University of the arts -Faculty of Music-.

His major works are “Quatuor à cordes” (1983), “Concerto pour Violon et Orchestre” (1984), “Symphonique Métamorphose” (1985), “Prolatio” pour Clarinette et 13 Instruments (1990), “Cinq Fragments Concertants” pour Orchestre de chambre (1994), “Mimi o Sumasu” for Children’s chorus and Orchestra (1999), “Requiem” pour Chœur Mixte, Instruments à vents et Percussion (2000), “Canto Manierismo” for Chamber orchestra (2001), “Tohno Gentō” for Children’s chorus in two groups and Percussion (2002), “Tír na nÓg” (2oo4), “Son structure II” pour Cinq Exécutants (2007), Quatuor à cordes II (2008), “Triptychos” pour Orchestre de chambre (2009), “Jūnitsuki” for Children’s Chorus and String Orchestra (2010), SUITE pour Violoncelle seul Nọ 1, “Divertissement” pour Violoncelle ensemble (2o11), “Spirituel” pour Orchestre à Cordes (2013) etc., in addition to many chorus works.