Ta, kurios ilgiesi tu…

Comments from the composer;

I am being influenced all the time. I am a slave of my fantasy, I try to transform my fantasy into all my sounds. But lyrics influence me mostly. It either inflames me or let me untouched. The text determines the way of music performance. It is very personal. When the text leaves you untouched, you will not succeed in creating good music.

The phonetics of  native language influences the vocal phonetics and its quality. The vowel system of the Lithuanian language is suitable for singing. We have also complicated diphthongs, which are especially difficult to learn for non-Lithuanians. But it is quite simple, when you understand how to vocalize them: ( uo-,ie-,au-,ei-,)What is not quite easy is a great number of masculine verbs with lot of „s“ at the end of the word. But it is not the hindrance at the concerts. It should appear as a hindrance recording the choir. Then you should be very careful about the endings of the vocal phrases and the synchronic pronunciation.

When we talk about the culture of the vocal sound, you should call a Lithuanian choir as „normal“sound choir. But it also the reflection of the education of the conductor and the result of his vocal taste.

All these circumstances  impeled me to write lyrics by W. Shakespeare in Lithuanian. I added only the first sentence as a very personal feeling of this poetry.