Hoc est praeceptum meum

Matsushita-Hoc-CoverA cappella mixed chorus for 3 choirs, with Latin, English and Japanese text, taken from the Gospel of John 15:12-15, 17.

When holding a joint concert with several choirs, what repertoire do you choose for joint performance? Probably most likely that sounds well with huge number of people. If you choose pieces for double choirs or triple choirs, you will certainly enjoy different type of richness and joy of choral music.

This is actually practiced by three choirs, namely Ateneo Chamber Singers in the Philippines, SYC Ensemble Singers in Singapore and Gaia Philharmonic Choir in Japan. When they have joint concert entitled “THREE” biannually, they usually sing triple choral pieces for joint performance.

This piece was composed for THREE concert in Manila in 2011. The phrase “You love one another” well represents the close relationship of above mentioned choirs, and its finale is nothing but astonishing.

Truely a master piece that both singers and audience can feel that music and chorus can strengthen the love and friendship. I hope you enjoy this new field of choral entertainment.