Wataridori (English)

Wataridori Cover EN

One of the finest and most famous literary forms in Japanese culture: haiku. Its great beauty and simplicity attract people from all over the world.

“Wataridori” was composed by an American composer, Janika Vandervelde, who was deeply impressed by the beauty of haiku. Woven together with mixed chorus, a beautiful, almost concerto-like oboe part adds savor and an atmosphere of “wabi” and “sabi” characteristic of haiku. Part of the music’s interest is that it is a reflection by a composer who grew up not with a Japanese cultural background but in a western cultural environment. Her approach, so different from that of Japanese composers, increases the value of the work as an interpretation of cultural difference.

Commissioned by the University of Wisconsin—Eau Claire (USA) for the 50th anniversary of its School of Music. Texts used are haiku by Issa, Ryushi, and Kyorai, in both the original Japanese and English translation.

This publication consists of a choral score (SATB) and a separate part for solo oboe.

Wataridori Oboe Cover EN