Canvas of the Sky


Composer’s friend at Kunitachi College of Music, Kenji Okakura, wrote the lyrics. This suite for mixed chorus consists of three pieces; “Flower”, “Umbrella” and “Canvas of the Sky”.

“Flower” was premiered as a gift piece for graduating students at Kunitachi College of Music Choir Jyosui 12th Annual Concert”on February 2003. Piano accompaniment is now added optionally so it can be performed either a cappella or with piano.

”Umbrella” has melancholic, and nostalgic sound that is similar to Japanese folk song. In March 2014, ten years after it was composed, it was premiered at the 1st Annual Concert of Ahiru Choir, with Takaya Okabe the conductor, and the composer himself as a pianist.

“Canvas of the Sky” has a strong message of prayer for peace. It was commissioned and premiered at Chor-Shigi 2nd Concert with Yohei Shigihara the conductor, and Arata Omura the pianist in May 2004.

Each piece was compsed separately, you can pick up only one or two songs, or re-arrange the order of performance. Suitable for encore repertoire, or can be sung as a favorite song of a choir.