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Origin of the Company Name

The name of the company, “Miela Harmonija,” means “sweet harmony” in Lithuanian. The words appear in the poem “When Thou Commandest,” which is included in the poetry collection “Gitanjali (Song Offering). The author of the poem is Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore, the first Asian to win the Nobel Prize for Literature. In these chaotic times, we are working to bring a sweet harmony that enriches people’s lives through music.

The inspiration for the name came from a piece of music presented by Vytautas Miškinis, a leading Lithuanian composer, to the SYC Ensemble Singers, a choir in Singapore.

The choir commissioned Mr. Mishkinis to write a piece for their 45th-anniversary concert in 2009. After the concert in Singapore, he told the choir members that he wanted to give them a piece of music as a courtesy for the commission and asked them to choose a poem. At that time, “When Thou Commandest” had been a topic of conversation among the choir members and he was told about it at the airport just before his return. He wrote the song on the plane on his way home.

The representative of our company was present at the origins of this song, and when we consulted with Mr. Miškinis, as a leading composer in Lithuania, where the company originated, this topic of the song came up, and we decided to use a verse from the poem as our company name.