Kampaku Shikkyaku

Under Construction

Words and music by Masashi SADA
Arranged by Hiroko ANDOH

“Kampaku Shikkyaku (meaning ‘Chief Advisor Resignation’)” is a sequel to the famous song “Kanpaku Sengen (meaning ‘Chief Advisor Declaration’)” by Mr. Masashi Sada.
The familiar phrase from “Kanpaku Sengen” appears in a minor key.
The lyrics, full of melancholy and irony, evoke laughter, and the song concludes with love for the family.

The concept of the piece was “to bring warm and pleasant feelings to the audience, and to take them home with us.”
The male chorus group Chor Vafna asked the composer Hiroko Ando to arrange the piece with this concept in mind.
The arrangement was created with careful consideration of not destroying the charm of the original piece, while taking advantage of the performance effects that only a male chorus can provide.
The piece was premiered at the 29th regular concert of the male chorus Chor Vafna as an encore piece after the main stage performance of “Kampaku Sengen”, a collection of pieces arranged by Norio Suzuki.
The piece looks good both as an encore piece and as one of the songs during the stage.

  • TTBB with piano accompaniment
  • Sound-taking Difficulty – Lower medium
  • Language – Japanese (Low difficulty)
  • Approx. 7 min. 40 sec.
  • 15 pages
  • For concert
  • Bar. and Bas. are often in unison.
  • Ten.(1,2) has 3 div. in some parts, but the lowest part can be sung by Bar.

Voice Range:

Solo e# – e1
Ten.1 e# – h1 (falsetto) a1 (real voice)
Ten. 2 e# – f1# or g1 (depending on the distribution of Ten. 3 div.)
Bar. H – e1
Bas. D – c1#


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