Suzuki-AgnusDei-Cover“Agnus Dei” is a piece for equal voices a cappella, commissioned by the 3rd Wakayama International Children’s Choir Festival in 2014.

“Agnus Dei” was composed for collective performance by all participants, including the guest choirs from overseas. This piece uses an Agnus Dei from Gregorian chant as cantus firmus; it starts with a unison derived from the original monophonic chant, and its structure includes such features as polytonal polyphony, polyphony with extended melody, fugal passages with the original chant as exposition and stretto, two chorales with underlying modes, etc. I hope that the melodies inspired by the liturgical past will together create harmony, sounding and blending as a common language that extends beyond time and borders.

Since it was targeting primarily children’s choirs, technically it is not so demanding. Still, its tune starting with monophonic chant and gradually extends its musical shape and richly fills with harmony, certainly owe to the genius of the composer.