猫の楽譜の表紙Music by Megumi OHNAKA
Words by Jun TAKAMI


Written as an assignment piece for the All Japan Chorus Federation’s National Chorus Competition.


There is no div. in any of the four voices, and each part can be performed by at least one person with at least four parts. Although composed within the range of tonal music, special chords such as suspensions, sevens, and augments are frequently used to create a unique atmosphere. Unlike the adorable atmosphere of the cats we usually see, the beastly aspect that a cat coming at the time of death may show is constructed not only in the expression of the poem but also in the music.

  • SATB a cappella
  • No Soli
  • Sound-taking difficulty medium medium
  • Language – Japanese (Low difficulty)
  • 2 min. 20 sec.
  • 4 pages
  • Suitable for ensemble contests and concerts

Voice Range:

Sop. a♭ – f2
Alt. a♭ – c2
Ten. g – g1
Bas. F – c1

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