Nightfall Wings

Under Construction

Music by Jobin
Words by Lestat

This song was created from the Monday corner “Takeyama, go buy gummed tape” within TBS Radio Tamamusubi. Poems were solicited from Tamamusubi listeners on the program, and a preliminary screening was conducted by the relevant parties, followed by a second screening by Jane Sue. The final four remaining poems were introduced on-air at the end of 2018, and after a final screening by listener vote, Lestat’s poem was selected.

He composed the poem while imagining a high school playground.

  • With SSA Piano Accompaniment
  • 4 minutes 30 seconds
  • Sound-taking Difficulty – Low difficulty
  • Language – Japanese (Low difficulty)
  • 9 pages
  • Suitable for graduation season and other favorite songsVoice range:

Sop. c1# – f2#
Mez. h – e2
Alt. a – c2#

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